Traveling Vineyard Offers Home Ticket to World of Wine

Wine lovers now have a new way to travel to vineyards around the world without leaving their home.

Traveling Vineyard, a team of individuals who bring wine from the vine to the home, offer enthusiasts a chance to earn a real income while receiving a masters-level education in Sommology. Through hosting tasting events, putting the good word of wine out on social media, or simply sharing their passion with friends, team members literally earn money by doing what they love.
Shawn Cox, a mother of four from Lincoln, Illinois, is just one of the Traveling Vineyard’s team members who transforms her enthusiasm into cash.

“I have been able to help my college students, attend a Cubs game with awesome seating, and help finance a trip to Germany, among other things,” said Cox, who uses Traveling Vineyard’s flexible scheduling to work around her full-time job.
Cox earns her paycheck through the company by hosting wine events in her free time. Since she has started with Traveling Vineyard, Cox has established her own team of wine enthusiasts. Now, she can actually earn money and other benefits while her team does the work.

Other less social team members, those who do not feel comfortable hosting events, can still earn income through Traveling Vineyard. By using Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, team members can advertise to those on their friends list and receive credit for any orders they take. A few friends who need a small, monthly supply of wine has been all of the necessary ingredients to some team members’ success.

Traveling Vineyard also offers a website to its team members. Even the least technically savvy of the group are able to utilize this resource in their vino business ventures.

One of the biggest benefits of being a Traveling Vineyard team member, however, is the constant education. The Traveling Vineyard provides online resources to its members, so they can educate themselves and others about the wine they are serving.

“I love working for the Traveling Vineyard because of the friendships made and the fun that I have while presenting these unique wines that can only be purchased through the Traveling Vineyard,” said Cox.

While team members’ goals vary from paying for a vacation to paying for college, every team member has one thing in common: “What other job can you go to and drink wine and get paid for it!”

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