How Freedom Checks Are Changing The World Of Investing

Many people want to find ways to earn a steady income from their investments. Now, one financial expert is calling attention to an innovative new investment vehicle. That financial expert, Matt Badiali, is teaching investors how to ramp up their investment returns with Freedom Checks.

So what exactly is a Freedom Check? A Freedom Check is a payment made by a company that derives over 90% of their income from the production, storage, processing or distribution of oil and gas. These company are known as Master Limited Partnerships. Their payment to investors are a return on capital known as Freedom Checks.

This Master Limited Partnership arrangement came about in 1987 by an act of Congress. Since then, 568 companies are categorized as a Master Limited Partnership and are able to issue these payments. And today, many investors are gaining the benefits of this unique investment opportunity.

So what makes Freedom Checks to much better than, let’s say, an ordinary dividend payment? Well, if you have ever owned a stock that pays a dividend, then you know that the divided can be slashed at the whim of the Board of Directors. Master Limited Partnerships, however, are required to pay at least 90% of their income back to the investor. This ensures that the investor gains the most from the income of a Master Limited Partnership.

Another advantage of Freedom Checks is the fact that these payments to investors are not subject to Federal Income Tax. You see, when you are paid a dividend, those payments can be taxed. And when you sell the stock, you can be taxed again on the capital gains. Payments made by Master Limited Partnership, however, are known as a return on investment and are not subject to Federal Income Tax.

For decades, Matt Badiali has been studying the world of finance and investing. Mr. Badiali’s video presentation on Freedom Checks has since gone viral, creating a buzz about these Master Limited Partnership investments. As people seek to get a better return on their investment, Matt Badiali will continue to find opportunities that give investors an edge.