Alex Pall On His Success as One Half of the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall grew up in the world of music. Electronic music and DJing have been his life since he was a child. For him it’s no surprise that DJing became his lifeblood and his career. He didn’t necessarily expect all the fame and success that DJing has brought him, but he certainly dreamed of it.


Alex Pall met Andrew Taggart after several years of working in the DJ circuit, performing at small clubs and at college parties. Pall and Taggart were introduced by Taggarts manager, and they immediately started working together. Taggart was still in college at the time, but left to be a part of what would soon be known as The Chainsmokers.


Before long, The Chainsmokers were meeting every day from around 9 in the morning until 7pm. They took it seriously, working as if it was their job. They working on creating their sound, their personas, and their music. It was this hard work that helped them to break out of the pack and make a name for themselves in the DJ/Electronic music world.


Besides hard work, what makes The Chainsmokers unique is that they write and create all of their own songs. Rather than covering or remixing other people’s songs, The Chainsmokers songs are a unique reflection of themselves. For their hit single Closer, which earned them a Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Album, Taggart and a friend of the band wrote the lyrics while on the tour bus.


Many of their singles have reached the Top 100 Billboard Charts, which has allowed them to reach their dreams of working with some of the best artists in the world. For Closer, the duo got to work with singer Halsey, which Pall said was a dream. She is one of his favorite artists and he had nothing but praise for her.


With all the success behind them, Pall is trying to focus on the future. They have started to record their own vocals as well, and Pall believes this change will help them to stand out and be more successful than they ever were before.