Meet the Investment Titan Mr. Peter Briger the Principal of Fortress Investment Group

“When you understand then you can stand”. This phrase has been a reality in the life of Peter Lionel Briger who is among the 400 top business elites and professionals globally. He has gained vast knowledge and understanding in the field of finance hence making him one of the most admirable personalities and advisors when it comes to financial and investment matters. His financial expertise can be attributed to his commitment to serve in various companies which benefited from his skills.The legendary Peter Briger pursued his Bachelor’s Degree at Princeton University and later studied his MBA at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. His successful career journey commenced by joining Goldman Sachs where he was tasked with various roles in leadership, managerial and even operational levels. He worked with this company for 15 years, no wonder; he gained a lot of skills in investment banking, foreign investment, real estate, trading, dealing with debts and many more.

As a result of his financial expertise, he partnered with Gold Sachs in 1996, nevertheless in 2002; he joined Fortress Investment Group as the company’s co-CEO.Currently, Peter is serving Fortress Investment Group as the President and consequently the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors which he has used his acumen in finance and investment to take it to great heights especially taking it public as one of the alternative investment companies in the United States. The core importance of Peter Briger in Fortress is usually to help in making cash out of the distressed financial instruments. In addition to helping Fortress Investment Group survive the global economic crisis, he has played a major role in enabling foreign markets to conquer debt-burdened so as to raise some capital thus enhancing their operation in the market.Besides his professional responsibilities, Peter serves in various institutions and organizations like Tipping Point, Caliber Schools which is a charter school network and Spearhead LLC where he is a Board Member. He also serves Hospital for Special Surgery where he is a member of Board of Advisors.

Previously, Peter Briger served in International Finance Corporation as an Advisor on financial matters, especially bad debts. He has also served at Linktone Limited as the member of the Advisory Board. As though that’s not enough, he is still the President, Principal, Co-CEO, Head and Co-Chairman of Credit & Real Estate Business, Fortress Investment Group. In addition to the affiliations mentioned above, Mr. Peter is well affiliated with GSVentures, MNC Media Investment Ltd, CompuCredit Corporation, Fortress Credit Corporation, and Acumen Fund, Drive Shack Inc. and many others. Briger has really invested in helping and maintaining Central Park in New York with over $600 million. He has also been involved in various philanthropic and charities as well especially assisting poor and less privileged children. It is a sure thing that Peter Briger has an unparalleled expertise and contribution to the world of finance. His diligence, integrity, and commitment have seen him become a billionaire, nevertheless, he has not ceased from being of great help to upcoming investors.