Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone ranks at number 557 on the Forbes Billionaires List for the year 2018. Mr Nardone is Co-founder, Principal and Director at Fortress Investment Group LLC.

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a global investments company that manages assets for corporations and firms that are in business and hold stocks and equity into the billions of dollars. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in New York. Another Co-founder of the company, Mr. Peter Briger is currently on staff with original staff and Co-founders since the acquisition of the company by SoftBank in 2017. Through the acquisition agreement, Mr. Nardone and the original members of Fortress will stay on in their offical roles and duties and oversee the daily operations of the company.

Mr. Nardone earned two degrees while in college, both bachelor’s degrees. One degree is in English, the other is in Biology. While We. Nardone earned his Law Degree from. To the Boston School of Law, he acquired his bachelor’s degrees at The University of Connecticut.

Mr. Nardone and Mr. Peter Briger accomplished a monumental feat while they were leading Fortress. They brought about growth and structure for many of their clients. The returns on investments was insurmountable and due to the always authentic and profitable investment advice.

Fortress is now in the hands of SoftBank Group Corp. which is a Japanese banking firm. The agreement for the acquisition of Fortress by Peter Briger, Mr. Nardone, and their peers, was one that was profitable for all parties involved. Acqusitions sometimes are not easy, but, in the world of business, sometimes they are necessary. Sometimes a company will buy back it’s shares and re-take control. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes it happens, if it shows financial advantage.

The progress of Fortress, an alternative investment firm, shows continual growth and success for Mr. Nardone and Mr. Peter Briger and SoftBank Group Corp.

Visit his website: http://petebriger.com/