Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Agencies With Crime Prevention

One of the companies in the correctional sphere that continue to bring cutting-edge products and services for crime prevention, law enforcement agencies, inmates’ communication, and more, is Securus Technologies. The company has a huge list of products and services that it offers, and the best part is that their services are affordable and highly useful for the law enforcement agencies as well as the prisoners.



Their LBS services, in particular, are widely appreciated in the law enforcement world, and the company is trying to bring many such new products that would make the communities safer by preventing crime. The company aims to make the data and information available to the law enforcement agencies in real time, which helps with crime prevention, and also assists in the court proceedings to convict the culprit.



Securus Technologies is proud of what it offers, and it recently published an online press release, where it showcased excerpts from the letters it receives on an ongoing basis from the law enforcement officials. The company believes that such a move would help towards positive brand identity in the market and would also assist the firm reach out to the potential investors and clients. The company serves over 1.2 million inmates in the United States, and over 3,450 law enforcement and public safety agencies are using the services of Securus Technologies. In the press release, law enforcement has briefed how the products and services of Securus are instrumental in crime prevention and catching the culprit in time before any damage is done.



As a frequent user of the services offered by Securus Technologies, including the phone and video services and the money transfer services, I can say the company has a very solid service base. The customer service of the company is highly responsive and ensures that the customers’ issues are resolved at the earliest.