Gareth Henry Success as the Global Head of Investor Relations

Gareth Henry studied at the Heriot-Watt University located in the UK, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics. After his graduation, he secured a management research job at Watson Wyatt. Henry has worked in various companies around the globe. His knowledge and expertise have helped him to dig deep, thus coming up with successful contributions. For Instance, Henry joined the Angelo, Gordon where he served as the managing director and Global Head of Investors Relations. Previously he worked with Fortress Liquid Market where he stands as the Global Head of Investors Relations. While at the fortress Liquid Market, he led a team of professionals, which targeted US, Asia, Canada, and the Middle East to provide all sales, marketing, and client services.

Gareth Henry has proven knowledge in matters relating to global investors relations and ability to meet his clients’ needs. The Angelo, Gordon firm commended on Henry relationship globally. This would enable them to build the already established investors’ relations foundation across US, Asia, and Europe. They believe that with massive support of Henry, they will be able to strengthen the world-class in Angelo, Gordon. Gareth Henry will also assist the company to deliver good services and strong performance on behalf of their investors. Henry said that he was happy to join Angelo, Gordon and he commended on their remarkable achievements for being able to deliver strong returns and market cycles. He added that he was ready to join the firm investment professionals and Angelo, Gordon talented investors’ relations. To know more about him click here.

Gareth Henry has earned a remarkable reputation around the globe. Previously, he held a position as the Head of International Investors Relations in London. In that role, he made noteworthy contributions; he created and implemented a sales strategy purposed on institutional and consulting relationships across the Fortress Hedge fund, private equity, and credit.

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