Securus Technologies – Ensuring Comprehensive Technology Integration in the Correctional Sphere

Securus Technologies are the pioneers in the field of parolee tracking, inmate communications, and crime prevention technology. The company also offers government information management systems and related technology. The prison communication services provided by Securus Technologies have helped millions of prisoners to communicate with ease with their relatives and friends.

Not being able to talk with the family is one of the major stress contributors for the inmates, but Securus Technologies understands it and aims to reduce such stress with the help of safe and secure communication technology. The services of the company have helped tremendously in reducing the crime in the prison environment and make it much safer than earlier. It helps in keeping the mischievous criminals in check and ensures that no one crosses the line of constraint.

In many cases, the information provided by the Securus Technologies’ services has helped in getting the arrest warrants for the criminals in the communities as well as assisted in foiling the planned crime by the offenders, thereby saving lives and controlling the damage. Securus Technologies’ products and services are used by many correctional facilities in Canada, Mexico, and District of Columbia as well. Over 2,600 prisons and correctional facilities in the United States use the products and services of Securus Technologies.

Recently, the company published a media release online that contained the comments taken from the letters written by the police officers and law enforcement personnel. It showcased how Securus Technologies is playing a pivotal role in keeping the crime rate low and helping the officials to do their duty safely and meticulously. The company’s CEO, Rick Smith, also used the press release to extend an open invitation to all the existing as well as potential customers and investors of the firm to visit its Technology Center based in Dallas, Texas. As a prison official myself, I can say that Securus Technologies is helping change the incarceration experience single-handedly.

Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Agencies With Crime Prevention

One of the companies in the correctional sphere that continue to bring cutting-edge products and services for crime prevention, law enforcement agencies, inmates’ communication, and more, is Securus Technologies. The company has a huge list of products and services that it offers, and the best part is that their services are affordable and highly useful for the law enforcement agencies as well as the prisoners.



Their LBS services, in particular, are widely appreciated in the law enforcement world, and the company is trying to bring many such new products that would make the communities safer by preventing crime. The company aims to make the data and information available to the law enforcement agencies in real time, which helps with crime prevention, and also assists in the court proceedings to convict the culprit.



Securus Technologies is proud of what it offers, and it recently published an online press release, where it showcased excerpts from the letters it receives on an ongoing basis from the law enforcement officials. The company believes that such a move would help towards positive brand identity in the market and would also assist the firm reach out to the potential investors and clients. The company serves over 1.2 million inmates in the United States, and over 3,450 law enforcement and public safety agencies are using the services of Securus Technologies. In the press release, law enforcement has briefed how the products and services of Securus are instrumental in crime prevention and catching the culprit in time before any damage is done.



As a frequent user of the services offered by Securus Technologies, including the phone and video services and the money transfer services, I can say the company has a very solid service base. The customer service of the company is highly responsive and ensures that the customers’ issues are resolved at the earliest.




Securus Technologies Offers Video Service

There are a number of inmates who are always looking to stay in touch with their families. While making calls and having personal visits are the most common ways of staying in touch, Securus Technologies has offered another method. Inmates who are looking to stay in contact with their families will be able to interact with them on video. During each conversation, both the inmates and family members will have the opportunity to see how each other is doing in a more personalized way. With this new serviced introduced by Securus Technologies, inmates and their families will be able to get the support they need from one another in a more convenient manner.


With the new webcam service offered by Securus Technologies, inmates and their families will have yet another method of interacting with one another. Instead of having to come to the correctional facility for a visit, family members of inmates will have the opportunity to talk to them from the comfort of their own home. They will be able to get a visual update on their inmate relative which will provide them with a more engaging experience. It will help allow the inmate to see how their loved ones such as their kids are doing at home. During each conversation, they will be able to see the kids growing up and also check out the gifts their kids have received. This new service will likely provide a positive experience for both inmates and their families during the Christmas season.


Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that offers a wide range of phone, voicemail and webcam services to correctional facilities. The company has been able to provide these institutions with some of the most affordable and efficient communications services available. With Securus Technologies, a number of correctional facilities can give inmates a convenient way of contacting their families throughout the entire year.


The services offered by Securus Technologies are quite affordable and easy to use. Inmates will need to sign up for a prepaid account for making calls. This is also available to their families as well. Once getting an account, inmates can contact family members in a variety of ways at very affordable rates. The inmates will need to pay .25 cents per minute when making contacts with their loved ones. By using these services, inmates will be able to facilitate a sense of togetherness during the year, especially during the Christmas holiday.