U.S Money Reserve Wins AdSphere Awards

For those who have seen the infomercials and ad spots on Cable TV, U.S Money Reserve is recognized as a leading distributor of gold coins and precious metal products. This year, as the year before, U.S. Money Reserve, also known as America’s Gold Authority, has been recognized by winning two AdSphere Awards for “Short Form Products” and “Infomercials”.

According to Businesswire.com, https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180612005321/en/U.S.-Money-Reserve-Wins-%E2%80%98Best-Category%E2%80%99-Awards, these prestigious awards coincide with the release of two very special products produced by The Perth Mint distributed by U.S Mint.

The first is a 2018 Commemorative Coin of the 65th Anniversary of the Coronation of England’s Queen Elizabeth II. The second is a rare, 2 oz. gold coin commemorating the 75th Anniversary of The Pearl Harbor Attack that began the U.S. involvement in World War II. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

Based in Austin, Texas, U.S. Money Reserve is known worldwide for their high-quality precious metal products, including gorgeous gold coins that made a valuable addition to any collection. Gold and Silver Coins are popular choices to add to portfolios or pass down to future generations as heirlooms.

What sets U.S. Money Reserve apart, in addition to their dedication to customer satisfaction, is their in-house staff of gold coin researchers and numismatists. The President of U.S Money Reserve is Philip N. Diehl, who served as 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve and http://www.manta.com/c/mml8pv9/u-s-money-reserve-in

For those new to converting currency to gold, in addition to their brochures and infomercials, U.S. Money Reserve’s website, https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/, had an online “Knowledge Center” where those new to purchasing gold can read articles and view videos about the current trends in the gold market around the world.

Good decisions are informed decisions, and U.S. Reserve uses these AdSphere awards winning ads and infomercials to introduce consumers to the collectible historical coins and other fine precious metal products they have to offer.

Visitors to the U.S. Reserve Website can also see images of the latest collector gold coins and read client testimonials.

For those considering the purchase of gold coins, U.S. Reserve takes time to answer questions and provide the necessary information so that their clients can make informed and confident decisions about converting paper currency to gold.

Freedom Check Myths Dispelled By Matt Badiali

Both new and seasoned investors have by now heard of Freedom Checks and the many benefits supposedly provided by the investment opportunity. However, many investors seem to be hesitant to take a try on the opportunity for fear that they will become victim to just another industry scam.

Matt Badiali if formally trained as a geologist and has a master’s degree in earth science. Badiali has traveled the world as a geologist and has learned to use the knowledge he has gained to identify good investments in energy field. Matt Badiali is absolutely enamored with the possibilities of Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali caused a stir among investors when he made a commercial that featured himself holding a large check that he promised could be in the hands of others that requested their Freedom Checks. Many people that watched the commercial mistakenly walked away with the impression that all they needed to do was request  Freedom Check and Matt Badiali is quick to explain that this is not the case.

Matt Badiali explains that Freedom Checks are an investment opportunity with the potential to provide great capital gains to the investor. Ironically, many potential investors lost interest in the opportunity once learning that they were required to make an investment to benefit from the opportunity.

The returns available to the investor is by way of Master Limited Partnerships. These companies are enjoying the benefit of deferring taxes on profits earned on the condition that 90 percent of their profits are distributed to the company’s investors. The investor also benefits by not having to pay taxes on the capital gains they earn from investments in MLPs. Taxes are paid only when an investor sells their shares in an MLP.

Matt Badiali also advises that the risks associated with this type of investment are no more than any other investment opportunity. He urges investors to study patterns and trends regarding MLPs as they would with any other investments. The good news Badiali explains is that while the risk associated with Freedom Checks are the same as other investments, the potential payoffs are much higher.

Learn More : affiliatedork.com/matt-badialis-freedom-checks-real

How Freedom Checks Are Changing The World Of Investing

Many people want to find ways to earn a steady income from their investments. Now, one financial expert is calling attention to an innovative new investment vehicle. That financial expert, Matt Badiali, is teaching investors how to ramp up their investment returns with Freedom Checks.

So what exactly is a Freedom Check? A Freedom Check is a payment made by a company that derives over 90% of their income from the production, storage, processing or distribution of oil and gas. These company are known as Master Limited Partnerships. Their payment to investors are a return on capital known as Freedom Checks.

This Master Limited Partnership arrangement came about in 1987 by an act of Congress. Since then, 568 companies are categorized as a Master Limited Partnership and are able to issue these payments. And today, many investors are gaining the benefits of this unique investment opportunity.

So what makes Freedom Checks to much better than, let’s say, an ordinary dividend payment? Well, if you have ever owned a stock that pays a dividend, then you know that the divided can be slashed at the whim of the Board of Directors. Master Limited Partnerships, however, are required to pay at least 90% of their income back to the investor. This ensures that the investor gains the most from the income of a Master Limited Partnership.

Another advantage of Freedom Checks is the fact that these payments to investors are not subject to Federal Income Tax. You see, when you are paid a dividend, those payments can be taxed. And when you sell the stock, you can be taxed again on the capital gains. Payments made by Master Limited Partnership, however, are known as a return on investment and are not subject to Federal Income Tax.

For decades, Matt Badiali has been studying the world of finance and investing. Mr. Badiali’s video presentation on Freedom Checks has since gone viral, creating a buzz about these Master Limited Partnership investments. As people seek to get a better return on their investment, Matt Badiali will continue to find opportunities that give investors an edge.

The Future of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime cosmetics is breaking into a new chapter by extending its products to retail locations. This affluent brand is known for its huge online presence, and it has customers that are located all around world. Founded by Doe Deere in 2008, this company has grown at a considerable rate, especially in the past few years. Lime Crime offers vegan made products that are cruelty-free. Doe Deere has stuck with her core principles because she’s a huge animal lover. Self-expression is one of the company’s main attributes. Lime Crime gives you the opportunity to be unapologetic thanks to its unique style.

Tengram Capital Partners will be playing a huge role with the company, and this firm will be taking over the daily efforts that was once being conducted by Deere. Stacey Panagakis, the former general manager of Fresh, will be Lime Crime’s new CEO. This woman has an extended educational-base in business, and she is the best person for the job. Scaling beauty brands is what she specializes in. She’s also a great team leader who has a successful resume in the subject at hand. “Lime Crime has a deep following as well as an understanding for what its customers are seeking,” said Richard Gersten, partner of Tengram Capital. Doe Deere, and her team of associates have done all of the hard work and Tengram Capital Partners will take the company even further.

This new acquisition will surely take Lime Crime to the next. Doe Deere will now move to the Board of Directors as an overseer. The company will continue to create and produce top-of-the-line cosmetics that either sex can enjoy. Lime Crime’s cosmetics are already considered to be unisex at this point in time. All in all, the sky is the limit for this 10-year-old beauty brand as Lime Crime will strive to reach for the stars.

Alex Pall On His Success as One Half of the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall grew up in the world of music. Electronic music and DJing have been his life since he was a child. For him it’s no surprise that DJing became his lifeblood and his career. He didn’t necessarily expect all the fame and success that DJing has brought him, but he certainly dreamed of it.


Alex Pall met Andrew Taggart after several years of working in the DJ circuit, performing at small clubs and at college parties. Pall and Taggart were introduced by Taggarts manager, and they immediately started working together. Taggart was still in college at the time, but left to be a part of what would soon be known as The Chainsmokers.


Before long, The Chainsmokers were meeting every day from around 9 in the morning until 7pm. They took it seriously, working as if it was their job. They working on creating their sound, their personas, and their music. It was this hard work that helped them to break out of the pack and make a name for themselves in the DJ/Electronic music world.


Besides hard work, what makes The Chainsmokers unique is that they write and create all of their own songs. Rather than covering or remixing other people’s songs, The Chainsmokers songs are a unique reflection of themselves. For their hit single Closer, which earned them a Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Album, Taggart and a friend of the band wrote the lyrics while on the tour bus.


Many of their singles have reached the Top 100 Billboard Charts, which has allowed them to reach their dreams of working with some of the best artists in the world. For Closer, the duo got to work with singer Halsey, which Pall said was a dream. She is one of his favorite artists and he had nothing but praise for her.


With all the success behind them, Pall is trying to focus on the future. They have started to record their own vocals as well, and Pall believes this change will help them to stand out and be more successful than they ever were before.



Why Mike Baur left his traditional career in banking.

In 2015 Mike Baur, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer founded the Swiss Startup Factory. This company took off running and is now the #1 finance accelerator in Switzerland. In an interview Mike Baur did with the Red Bulletin he talks about how to become a good entrepreneur and give some very helpful advice.


Mike Baur says that even tho every startup project is based off a good idea, the spontaneous ideas are the ones that are the best. The ones that just come to you, not the ideas that you researched and clawed at until you think you might have something.


Once you have your idea you can’t be afraid to put it into the world. Most people are not aware how simple it is to reach others in today’s world. A free website and a test group of 50 people is all you need to get started. And don’t be afraid to talk about your idea.


Some people try to keep it quiet for fear of someone stealing their idea, but it does no one any good unless you talk about it and put your idea out there. It is also good to listen to the comments and concerns of these people. They may be able to help you better your idea or see it from a new perspective.


Before becoming co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur worked in the financial industry giving advice to some of the richest of Switzerland. But the financial crisis changed things and Mr. Baur decided to get creative with his career and is now responsible for the investment performance and growth of the Swiss Startup Factory.


Over the years the banking industry has changed a lot due to the legal scandals, strict regulations that must be followed and the incredibly low-interest rates. This change has not been necessary for the good. Since 2005 has dropped below real estate and construction in employment. According to government data, the GDP of the banking sector has fallen below 5% from the 7.6% they used to beat.


So in 2008 Mike Baur left his traditional banking career to begin a new exciting career in startups.


Meet the Investment Titan Mr. Peter Briger the Principal of Fortress Investment Group

“When you understand then you can stand”. This phrase has been a reality in the life of Peter Lionel Briger who is among the 400 top business elites and professionals globally. He has gained vast knowledge and understanding in the field of finance hence making him one of the most admirable personalities and advisors when it comes to financial and investment matters. His financial expertise can be attributed to his commitment to serve in various companies which benefited from his skills.The legendary Peter Briger pursued his Bachelor’s Degree at Princeton University and later studied his MBA at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. His successful career journey commenced by joining Goldman Sachs where he was tasked with various roles in leadership, managerial and even operational levels. He worked with this company for 15 years, no wonder; he gained a lot of skills in investment banking, foreign investment, real estate, trading, dealing with debts and many more.

As a result of his financial expertise, he partnered with Gold Sachs in 1996, nevertheless in 2002; he joined Fortress Investment Group as the company’s co-CEO.Currently, Peter is serving Fortress Investment Group as the President and consequently the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors which he has used his acumen in finance and investment to take it to great heights especially taking it public as one of the alternative investment companies in the United States. The core importance of Peter Briger in Fortress is usually to help in making cash out of the distressed financial instruments. In addition to helping Fortress Investment Group survive the global economic crisis, he has played a major role in enabling foreign markets to conquer debt-burdened so as to raise some capital thus enhancing their operation in the market.Besides his professional responsibilities, Peter serves in various institutions and organizations like Tipping Point, Caliber Schools which is a charter school network and Spearhead LLC where he is a Board Member. He also serves Hospital for Special Surgery where he is a member of Board of Advisors.

Previously, Peter Briger served in International Finance Corporation as an Advisor on financial matters, especially bad debts. He has also served at Linktone Limited as the member of the Advisory Board. As though that’s not enough, he is still the President, Principal, Co-CEO, Head and Co-Chairman of Credit & Real Estate Business, Fortress Investment Group. In addition to the affiliations mentioned above, Mr. Peter is well affiliated with GSVentures, MNC Media Investment Ltd, CompuCredit Corporation, Fortress Credit Corporation, and Acumen Fund, Drive Shack Inc. and many others. Briger has really invested in helping and maintaining Central Park in New York with over $600 million. He has also been involved in various philanthropic and charities as well especially assisting poor and less privileged children. It is a sure thing that Peter Briger has an unparalleled expertise and contribution to the world of finance. His diligence, integrity, and commitment have seen him become a billionaire, nevertheless, he has not ceased from being of great help to upcoming investors.

Its All About Team Building and Helping His Clients For Real Estate Expert Todd Luber:

Todd Luber has been in business for as long as he can remember. Since he was young he was engaging in business endeavours ranging from lemonade stands to shovelling sidewalks in his neighborhood for some extra money. Today he is a highly successful entrepreneur in the industries of real estate and loans. His early days in the mortgage industry inspired him to move onto a real estate career helping his clients become homeowners.

Patch recently interviewed Todd Lubar and asked him about his start in business and his guiding principles in his business dealings. Todd has always been a goal oriented person and loves inspiring others to succeed as much as he enjoys the personal benefits. For this reason, team building has always been an important part of his business strategy. Todd has enjoys working with a team because it gives him the opportunity to help people tap into their true talents. His success in his ventures is due not only to his own talents but to the fact that he can completely trust the team members he has working under him. This is why team building is a daily practice in Todd’s businesses. He also gets energized by finding new, untapped opportunities that have the possibility for huge growth. His foray into the world of Smart Homes is a prime example of this. Check out Medium to see more.

Todd Luber has been building businesses since 1995 when he graduated from Syracuse University. As President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC., he helps clients get the loans they need to put them into the home they have always dreamed of. He has helped many families become homeowners and is now helping people buy their own Smart Homes. Todd is putting an emphasis on helping disabled persons buy into this exciting new market. The remote and voice control options available in Smart Homes offer disabled clients a chance to regain, or perhaps even gain for the first time, a level of independence they may have thought they would never find. Todd also believes the Smart Home market will open up to a much wider range of buyers in the future. You can visit his about.me page.

At the end of the day, Todd’s major advice for entrepreneurs looking to get into business is to push yourself to work as hard as possible and foster an attitude of support and trust with your clients and the people who work under you. He truly believes that this kind of attitude has led him to the succes he enjoys today.

Jeremy Goldstein and How His Knockout Options Can Upend The Low Morale in Any Company

It is said by the wise that only difficulties can wake up the genius. Without the pressure and stress, there won’t be any need for any creative thinking. Most lazy people today seem to be without energy because they don’t have the incentive to do so. They lack passion and drive. And one of the people today that have the drive to do what is needed, to offer what is required and to serve the kind of quality service that clients want is Jeremy Goldstein, the partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein, LLC, a boutique firm that specializes in compensation programs for CEOs and various companies.



The Knockout Options



There’s a lot of reasons why companies would be needing the service of Jeremy Goldstein. In the first place, he has what the companies need regarding ideas and expertise. He can offer to companies what most consultants can’t seem to provide: an incentive for their employees to work harder and more powerfully. Without the passion that Jeremy Goldstein has regarding generating solutions for companies, he wouldn’t be in the business already. One of these solutions that Mr. Goldstein offers is the Knockout Options. This is a regular stock option but with the added feature of making sure that the employees have the option to get rid of their stock investments when the market is going down and against their favor.



This is a meeting-in-between kind of incentives, and this type of solution minimizes the risks of the employee but at the same time offers the employees enough incentives to generate extra income from their investments. This brilliant concept is best focused on the firm of Mr. Goldstein, and can’t be easily found in other firms. Learn more: http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/philanthropy/



About Jeremy Goldstein



People in the know have known Mr. Jeremy Goldstein as the Attorney who offers incentives for employees. That’s why he’s the man needed and contacted by CEOs and companies when they need employee morale boost management. The 15 years of business experience of Mr. Jeremy has also made him the man in New York that can be trusted with any employee incentive program.



It’s also a magnificent plus that Mr. Jeremy has started his law firm in New York. He was able to do this after working for a separate firm that has quite a similar structure to what he’s doing today. His expertise has also been instrumental in top companies like Merck, AT&T, and Duke Energy.


Bringing Out The Best Personal Traits With Fabletics Fashion

While people may say that personality matters over looks and appearances, one thing that some people may not realize is that the appearance of a person may have some kind of influence over his personality. Fortunately, it can be a bit easier than some might believe. While no one is saying that it is necessary to be a celebrity in an expensive and trendy outfit, it is important for people to look their best. Their best depends a lot on the type of outfit they want to wear. There is no rule on what a person should wear from Fabletics or any other fashion designer company.


There is a lot to look at when it comes to clothing and the person. One thing to think about is the different colors of the outfit. Some people may feel peaceful and secure in themselves in certain outfits while they may feel a little more energetic in other outfits. One of the best things about Fabletics is that they provide different types of clothing for people who want to feel a certain way as well as look a certain way. The clothing of Fabletics is designed to bring about feelings of satisfaction within the customers.


For people who want to feel like they are able to get along with others in a very positive and satisfied way, Fabletics has some fits that show off some different parts of the body while they are somewhat loose fitting. The right size for the person is going to fit well without being extremely tight. For people that are interested in being a little more showy, there are tighter outfits.


Fabletics has a lot of different outfits for different personalities. It is also available for people who are a little more interested in exploring who they want to be as individuals. They will be amazed at the types of clothes that may bring out a more peaceful trait. There are also clothes that could help people engage in their more competitive side depending on the type of person they are. Fabletics is definitely one of the pioneers of the future.