Arthur Becker: The Real Deal

Arthur Becker is the enigma who used to be CEO of Zinio. He was previously CEO of NaviSite a technology company and Application Company. And now, he is the Managing Member of Madison Partners LLC. This is an investment firm that is mainly trenched in real estate and Biotechnology Ventures.

He also used to be the senior advisor for the Vera Wang fashion company for about seven years.

The Idea for Madison Partners LLC

After working for NaviSite and Zinio, he was so much into technology and real estate that after he sold NaviSite in 2011, he decided to combine the interest that he had in technology and real estate to make something better.

He is an ideas man and has his best ideas when he is organizing and coordinating operations in the various projects that he runs. He has done well so far and has made a name for himself as a manager with a vision that always comes to fruition.

As an Entrepreneur

When he spoke in a recent interview about his entrepreneurial skills, he made it clear that he has had visions about everything, but sometimes they are all not clear. However, his ability to manage it all has made it relatively easy to go through the occasional fails.

In an interview by, he credits his success to the fact that he has the skills that enable him to have the knack for the management positions and the way that he has been so good at organizing and getting things done efficiently.

As an Investor

Arthur Becker has done some pretty good jobs with the Madison Partners LLC. He owns property in New York City which is a big deal and when you throw in his investment is the tech business; you can see why he is a towering figure in the investors’ world.

He made his fortune in the tech industry, and he has invested over $500 million into the New York City real estate industry with his Atlantic Investors LLC. He has also invested in the JDS Development Group which makes him a man of many interests.

As an investor, tech enthusiast and real estate mogul, Becker is a success story.