Andrew Rocklage’s Doubled-Edged Professional Life

Many times, entrepreneurism and law profession get mixed together in some of the strongest attorneys that are leaving University. Many newcomers in the law field are also investing in being a businessman, but not all of them achieve high amounts of success because it requires a lot of dedication to living a double-edged professional career.

Andrew Rocklage, however, can be called one of the few who made two professional lives triumph at the same time.

Right after leaving the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, in the Isenberg School of Sports Management and Economics, Andrew Rocklage studied was formed as a Juris Doctor in the Suffolk University Law School. Right from his student’s age, he knew that he wanted to pursue both careers, and he has put his best dedication into achieving his professional goals.

In Boston, he owns the Sky Zone Trampoline Park, an idea that he had long ago and had made happen during his first years of entrepreneur and business owner. Currently, his trampoline park is very successful and has become a standard go-to place to have a good time with the family.

The Sky Zone Park became successful right after its inauguration, mainly because of the team of professionals that Andrew Rocklage gathered to give a stellar customer service in the park. The maintenance is on point; the leisure activities are modern and outstanding at an affordable price, which made Rocklage dominate the local market in a few years.

As an attorney, Andrew Rocklage has worked as corporate counsel for a brand named EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, where he has gathered years of valuable experience in the law business. Before being the corporate counsel, however, he was just a legal consultant for the company.

At EPIRUS, he also learned a lot about the pharmaceutic industry, about new types of technologies and what really means to build a dedicated tech for a kind of business department.

His role in EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals has also helped him develop teamwork and critical assets for his position as the leader of an entire park. Success in his entrepreneur career would probably not be as significant without his experience in the law department. Read more: Andrew Rocklage – Crunchbase and

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Andrew Rocklage, in this aspect, is one of a kind, as it is crucial to highlight his professional path in both careers as they are filled with interesting details about his triumph in the professional life.

Rocklage is one of those professionals who never stop at one job, which is very true when analyzing his portfolio. The businessman worked first as a Legal Department Intern and then as a Ticket Services Associate for Boston Red Sox.

Then, he left the team to pursue a position in Cubist Pharmaceuticals, another business in the pharmaceutic industry that allowed him to understand the industry on a whole new level. In both jobs, he stayed only one full year before moving on to better, more daring occupations.