Adam Milstein: Endeavoring To Empower Jewish Americans Through His Philanthropy

Adam Milstein believes in having a strong Israel and is one of the leading voices in the Jewish-American community. He’s the founder of the Milstein Foundation, a group that is not only a financial donor to Jewish charities, but a group of leaders that seek to educate young people in their roots and culture and seek to build bridges between Jewish philanthropy leaders. These endeavors even include classes in the Torah and ancient Hebrew language. Milstein is also a political activist that has spoken on behalf of Israel’s policies, and he was recently honored in the Jerusalem Post in the Top 50 Most Influential Jews list of 2016, a list that also featured current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and billionaire George Soros.

His father was a building framer but had also fought in Israel’s war of independence. Adam is the oldest of three sons, and his family relocated several times in his youth due to his father’s job. Adam joined the military as part of his required service when he came of age, and fought in the Yom Kippur War in then Field Commander Ariel Sharon’s division. He returned home in 1974 and began focusing on his future career, attending the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology during this time. He also married his sweetheart, Gila Elgrably.

After completing his bachelor’s degree, Adam Milstein first started working with his father in both the construction and real estate business. He later relocated to the US where he completed his MBA and then became a real estate professional in Los Angeles. Today he is Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam started most of his philanthropy work in 2000 when he founded the Milstein Foundation. He’s also been a founding member of the Israeli-American Council, Stand With Us, Birthright Israel and Hasbara Fellowships.

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  1. Adam Milstein has lived in both Israel and America, but considers Israel to be his true home. He was born there to two parents who had immigrated to the nation when it had become established in 1948. There are other things written here: and I tend to agree with them completely too.

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