Betsy DeVos: Giving Parents All the Options

When looking back at the career of Betsy DeVos one thing is very apparent she is passionate about the field of education and she always has been. Much of her work has been centered around creating an environment where children can truly express themselves and come into their own when it comes to their education. She hopes that her passion towards this type of education will help parents realize how important it is for them to make tough decisions for their children instead of allowing the government to arbitrarily decide where the children go depending on county lines. The problem with following this archaic system of education is that students are placed into situations where they are not able to flourish in the exact same way that they would be able to in a more private and.


Many people argue that because Betsy DeVos is the heiress to a vast fortune she is not in touch with of the general population. If anything, Betsy DeVos has spent much of her career looking for ways to help support the development of people of lower socioeconomic class. She even tells her interviewer at PhilanthropyRoundtable that her goal has always been to establish scholarship programs and other funds that will allow people from different financial backgrounds to attend school with those who have more financial resources. Her work will actually enable more people to have access to these private institutions.


In addition to the use of charter schools and private schools, Betsy DeVos has been a major proponent of homeschooling. She wants parents to to understand that they have the power to educate their children in a way that is appropriate for them. There are even homeschooling programs popping up all over the country that parents have been getting excited about. The work that Betsy DeVos has done for the education system is nothing short of miraculous. She has broken away from the traditional reliance on the federal education system and empowered parents to look at other versions of education. In a way, she is one of the truest examples of Secretary of Education because she is willing to look at all forms of education instead of supporting a portion of that industry that is clearly in decline. Children deserve to receive a form of education that will mean something to them as they age. Much of the information from public school seems to be lost maybe it’s about time that parents looked into other options.


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Decades of Innovation at OSI Grou

Currently, the OSI Group is one of the leading food processing companies around the globe, having employed 20000 workers at 65 facilities in 17 nations across the world. The company’s growth from humble beginnings to a leading corporate business is a substantial share of the American history. The firm is expanding its presence in the still-evolving story of the contemporary and globalized economy.

The history originates from the American immigrant experience. As the 20th century was approaching, Otto Kolschowsky was a member of the thriving German-immigrant community in Chicago. During that time, the 25% of the population of the city was made up of the people of German descent. The booming town served as the hub of the industry for the country and also an entry point for new immigrants who were on their en route to the west to create farms on the plains.

In the last ten years, the OSI Group has continued to grow into a leader of a food processing facility that specializes in processing value-added protein products such as pizza, sausages and hamburger patties. The company has expanded its territory both figuratively and literally, and the international expansion, particularly in Europe and China, has continued at a remarkable rate as many of the products are delivered under the OSI Group’s banner, comprising non-meat produce. To know more about OSI click here.

In the last five years, Europe has been a central focus of the OSI Group’s progression. Another LEED certified production facility for beef processing was established in Ostroda, Poland. In 2014, OSI Group created a discrete combined venture in the UK with Pickstock and Germany with the supermarket chain known as EDEKA.

In 2013, a key establishment in Europe and internationally was the development of the new international trading system in Germany. The facility was established in Günzburg-Denzingen, and it focused on the production of poultry products in Thailand and Brazil. The effort was aimed at offering OSI with control of its supply chain to its clients to introduce more efficiency in its worldwide operations.

Another massive step in Europe experienced when the company acquired Baho Foods which is a Dutch food processing company that specializes in producing meat and other foodstuffs.

Chainsmokers New Single “Side Effects” is a Funk-Filled Experience

Summertime is the time for pool parties, vacation, and head bobbing tunes. EDM DJ duo Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, known as The Chainsmokers, took on the task of creating the perfect summer jam in their new song “Side Effects”. Released July 27th “Side Effects” brings on a different taste to the fans and audience of The Chainsmokers. Hit with a funky bass line, upbeat track, and the smashing vocals of Emily Warren this tune took a definite turn from their mellow style.

Like many other artists and bands The Chainsmokers look to their personal life and surrounding environments for inspiration. In particular the summertime vibe and mood is what moved the duo to produce this new hit. The lyrics are influenced by their “living in the moment” mentality and the growing popularity of this generations take on relationships. Aside from being the featured vocalist on “Side Effects” Emily Warren also took part in the lyric writing process and is a close friend to The Chainsmokers.

Since Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall were united in 2012 to form this EDM DJ duo they have released more than 25 songs and have had 13 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100. Five of their songs made the top ten and their hit single “Closer” came in at number 1 on the Hot 100. Another one of their hits “Don’t Let Me Down” paved the way for them to be awarded a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. To add to their abundant collection of awards The Chainsmokers also have several American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and iHeartRadio Music Awards.

There is a bright future ahead when you love what you do and this applies entirely to The Chainsmokers. Andrew and Alex both love all aspects of their career and enjoy the process from beginning to end when it comes to releasing a song. More music content is expected from this successful dance pop duo.