Bridget Scar’s Succcess in Business

Bridget Scarr is a phenomenal woman who has been in the limelight in the recent past because of her successful ventures. She is a re-known writer, Television producer, animator, advertisement, and entertainment producer, and an entrepreneur to watch out for. Her animations clients include Audi, Fanta, Coca-Cola and Apple iPod. Her television productions and writings attract a large audience.

The positions and experiences Bridget has had are intriguing. She has been a Managing Director at Pollen Creative Media which focuses on advertisements, digital and broadcasting solutions. Besides, she has been the co-founder, Financial Producer and Head of Production at Zero Point Studios which focuses on children’s 3D and 2D animations.

At the moment, Bridget heads the Colibri Studio. The studio’s main focus is content development, lifestyle programs, and factual entertainment. At Colibri Studio, Bridget partners with international broadcasters and producers to ensure their visions which include bringing life to ‘stories that do not deserve silence.’ Before she started with Colibri Studio, she was a Television Producer who focused on making other people’s idea come into life. But when she made a turn, she decided to come up the studio to be a one-stop bureau for Exhibition projects, Virtual Reality, and Digital Content

Bridget’s success story was preceded with trial and error accompanied by ups and downs. It was quite an involving task for her when she had to close her first ever business which she had struggled to put up eight years. She had to close it due to financial constraints and due to internal collapse. The business partners withdrew and started a rival company. Solution after solution to keep the business on its feet did not succeed. The only option that remained was to accept the fate of failure and watch her company crumble down the drain.

Bridget’s daily habits propel her further daily. She encourages everyone who wants to succeed to take time daily to meditate upon their lives and daily duties. She encourages upcoming entrepreneurs to eliminate fear and explore their God-given gifts. Reading and seeking inspiration is also an important aspect of her life that she wants upcoming entrepreneurs to emulate. She advises people to let loose, rest and enjoy after work. Being grateful to your loved ones and your family is a trait and habit that is a must to anyone looking to conquer the odds of the world. These are habits worth emulating.


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Jim Larkin – Union Organizer

James Larkin was born in 1876 in Liverpool, England. He was the son of an Irish trade union leader and a social activist, so doing things for the good of the people came naturally to him. He grew up poor with little education; however this would not hamper him from working full-time as a union organizer by 1905.

In 1907, Larkin moved to Belfast, Ireland. Here he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union as well as the Irish Labour Party. Eventually, Jim Larkin would create the Workers’ Union of Ireland. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography

At the age of seven, Jim would work afternoons and evenings to help bring in money for the family; he attended school only in the morning. As one of seven children, Larkin was like many other poor children in Liverpool who lived much the same way.

Larkin’s father died when Jim was only fourteen, and the firm at which his father worked took Larkin on as an apprentice; however, he was let go after only two years. Jim Larkin also worked as a sailor and docker. He worked his way up to the position of foreman.

In 1903, Larkin participated in a labor strike; an oddity as Larkin was one of few foremen who would do so. He lost his job after being elected to a strike committee, but was recruited by the National Union of Dock Laborers as an organizer. He eventually traveled throughout Ireland and Scotland recruiting members for the union.

Jim Larkin was able to work across industries to bring not only dock workers but also miners into labor strikes. He also persuaded Protestant and Catholic to work together for better working conditions. He had great success in the National Union of Dock Laborers, but was dismissed after some controversial actions.

This did not stop Larkin from working for the good of workers, however. He would found the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, which is still in existence today as the Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union.

In 1913, Larkin was a notable figure in the Dublin Lockout. Larkin was instrumental in procuring better wages for unskilled workers in a variety of industries.

Larkin would eventually leave Ireland for America to the disappointment of many of his countrymen. Larkin joined the Socialist Party of America and became involved in organizing unions in America. In 1923, Larkin returned to Ireland. He continued to work as an activist until his death in 1947.

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