Brown Modelling Agency Brings the Talent

In an article on Market Wired, in the summer of 2015, Wilhelmina Austin emerged from the world famous Wilhelmina Models Network and became Brown Agency. The Brown agency came into Austin in 2010 and saw success quickly as they flourished into one of the industry’s leaders. Ultimately, Brown Agency strives to grow their agency in order to bring big market standards and expectations to a magnitude never before seen in the Central Texas area.

Since its inception, Brown Agency has booked its Texas models for work under some of the biggest brands in the world. Names such as Louis Vuitton, Toyota, L’oreal, Dell, and a plethora of other very well-known companies have utilized the Brown Agency’s talent. Brown Agency models can also be seen bringing beauty to many fashion week runways.

Justin Brown, president of Brown Agency, believes in the talent of his company and prides himself in being able to choose vendible candidates, market them successfully, and cultivate their talent to help them become the most professional, capable, and reliable individuals available in the Central Texas market. He also believes a model should never sell them short. If you offer your modeling for nothing, you are essentially telling the industry that your talent is worth nothing.

The Brown agency represents models for all types of work including runway, high fashion, plus size, commercial print, commercial television, and work as extras or for television commercials. They represent models from all lifestyles, sizes, and shapes. Just because you are not a fit for a specific type of modeling does not mean there is no place for you in the industry and Brown Agency strives to help you find your niche and transform you into your best making you a viable asset not only within the agency, but the industry as well.

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The Contribution of Construction of Manaira Shopping Mall by Roberto Santiago to the Growth of Joao Pessoa

Most successful business people sharpen their entrepreneurial skills while they are still young. Some renowned entrepreneurs developed their business acumen at a young age, as it was the case with Roberto Santiago, an affluent businessman in Brazil. Roberto schooled at Pio-Marxist College and later on attended the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he studied Business Administration. A degree in business administration would prepare Roberto to be a well-known entrepreneur who has won praises from different corners of the country.

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Roberto Santiago’s journey to entrepreneurship began a young age when he founded a cartonnage company that was involved in designing and manufacturing cardboard folding cartons that he supplied to numerous companies. The company picked up well, and Roberto found a place among the most influential young business people in Brazil. Roberto Santiago was also a brilliant freelance writer of his time. Being very knowledgeable about Brazil, he began writing articles about various issues facing the country which earned him a lot of fame in the country. Part of his success in business can be attributed to the reputation he earned as a freelance writer.

After working for several years in his company, Roberto decided to switch his investments to real-estate. He bought a piece of land in Joao Pessoa with the aim of constructing a unique structure on the land. In 1989, Santiago began the development of the crown jewels of the city; the Manaira Shopping Mall.

About Manaira Mall

The construction of Manaira Shopping Mall hit the headlines in Brazil since it is regarded as one of the largest malls in the Brazillian State of Paraiba where he resides. The construction process commenced in 1987 and was completed in 1989, a record period of just two years. The Manaira Mall features numerous shopping areas, entertainment joint, fitness center, food court, banks and even a college. The mall has become a one-stop shop for residents in Paraiba and visitors from other parts of the country. Read more articles on

There is something for everyone who visits Manaira Mall. You can go shopping for furniture, jewelry, clothes, sports gear, electronics, books, food and everything in between. Besides shopping, one can easily access financial services from the bank and also attend fitness sessions at the fitness center. There is a place for everyone, both young and old, at Manaira Shopping Mall.

Roberto Santiago has spent the last 20 years developing the mall into an attraction that brings forth people from all regions of the country to go shopping. People get access to various amenities, entertainment and also to get the opportunity to taste Brazil’s finest delicacies. With the construction of Domus Hall, the Mall has been able to attract music talents from different corners of the globe.

Brian Boner And His Innovative Bellamy Restaurant

In today’s world, Mr. Brian Bonar is considered to be a highly successful person. Mr. Boner has been instrumental in assisting people move to the next level with their financial aspects. Mr. Boner took a decision to open his restaurant just recently. This is a huge achievement for him. He is known to be in the finance arena for a long duration.

He plans to assist the people with their money, and he is focusing on beginning a new business. To operate a restaurant is a desire for all. A very few people know how cumbersome it can be to open a new business such as the restaurant business or a fast food outlet.

It has been the inherent desire of Mr. Brian Bonar to initiate his affairs. He started a corporate job when he completed graduation from school. This type of work did not suit him at all. He could gauge how he can affect the people’s lives when he began the personal finance arena.

It was his passion that made him work for a longer duration to get the business moving. He has the most renowned personal finance company in American with several employees working for him. You can learn a lot from him in case you wish to know how to generate business.

There are so many aspects to take into consideration when you open a restaurant. It takes lots of time and money to make the process of a restaurant run in a smooth manner.

Mr. Brian Bonar had a different strategy for his restaurant. His restaurant Bellamy is costly to eat at. Brian has to cater to fewer people and get more money served per plate. This is his primary objective. He wishes to do something unique for his restaurant that drives the people to it. His plan is working.

A lot of people who have tried the restaurant business have not come up with the expectations of their customers. Bellamy who is Brian’s restaurant is doing well, and Mr. Brian Boner is contented about it. Mr. Bonar is the best person to get inspiration.

Bellamy has the finest food in San Diego, and it is served by the top class staff. Mr. Bonar wanted to have staff at his best restaurant and hired El Biz cook Mike Reidy as the Executive chef. Mr. Bonar seeks to transform the 144-acre property into a great space for events. He required a marquee chef.

The interiors of his restaurant are marvelous with beautiful, exquisite brown walls. The corn soup in his restaurant is very famous. It is mixed with cream and is mixed with peppers, lime juice, olive oil, and cilantro. Mr. Brian Bonar’s restaurant is considered to be the best in the town and customers at the restaurant are satisfied with the food served in the restaurant.


EOS is an acronym of the firm that stands for Evolution of Smooth. The firm has been operating its business for seven years; It comes second as the biggest enterprise of lip products after Burt Bees. It began small, from Walgreens, then by the time it slowly had its market to other massive sellers like Target and Walmart. Celebrities, beauty editors and product retailers all talking about the product, skyrocketing the lip balm to massive consumption.

John Teller, Sanjiy Mehra Craig Dubitsky are the founders of the firm. The founders wanted the product to revolutionize the beauty industry in the oral health sector. The company used the organic ingredient to provide a healthy product and also invented an automatic production of the lip balms (But Craig left the firm, EOS lip balm it got established).

The founders wanted a brand that will be distinct in the market be durable and easily memorable to clients for them to compete effectively in the beauty industry. On my research, I found that men are consistent and more like resistible to change their products. But to women, ladies like testing new products and they regularly use the lip balm in their beauty routine.

The use of well-known celebrities like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus’ music to advertise the product and product placement are the most effective ways that EOS lip balm are using to market their product. For more info, visit

The Importance Of Standing True To Your Values In Your Business As Advised By Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and creator of Bumble, and she has spent years in the world of startups. Recently, she was brought together with a team of other successful business professionals who also launched great apps that have reached millions of users and downloads. They spoke about the importance of all areas to create a potentially scalable business that could move forward and continue for years to come. Her success stems deeper than most would ever believe.

Whitney Wolfe believes that it’s important to find people who vibe with your brand and to honor those who have spent their time believing in your vision. When she started Bumble, she only had a couple humbled professionals joining her to get the app developed and built. Today, it’s a successful app and she still uses the same people on her team to help out on other projects throughout the industry. This allows for her to have trustworthy people work towards the new people who plan on joining the team. Whitney Wolfe is very hardworking in the sense that she truly values what they do as a company as a whole.

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They spoke also about the importance of finding people who fit the brand despite only being a startup. You don’t want to have a debbie-downer always talking negatively about your business. This can affect your brand so bad, and it’s so important to know how to get rid of people who don’t believe in what you have to offer. The key is to strive towards improving your company and finding efficiently driven people so you can actually succeed.

Whitney Wolfe is the defining business woman who understands every aspect of business development. Her hard work throughout startups have led her to the goldmine the is Bumble today. Only time will tell where Bumble goes next.

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George Soros: Using Philanthropy As A Global Effort

Open Society Foundations (OSF) isn’t like other foundations that award discretionary grants. Largely based on the significant ideologies of founder, George Soros. Soros created OSF in 1993; which is unique political and social backing gift giving network. Because it definitely bears the philosophical imprint of George Soros, as a grant making organization, OSF continually strives to make the greatest impact in political, social and global arenas.

George Soros started out by selecting a name from the title of a book by Sir Karl Raimund Poppe. However, long before OSF, Soros was a visionary of change; he felt compelled to help conform the “ideology” of Communism. His first philanthropic endeavor was signed in May, 1984. It was a joint effort that established a working partnership between the Soros Foundation and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. That initial signed contract would later be preserved as an original document, as a part of the Soros Foundation Budapest.

Soros’ foundations concentrates the bulk of their time on supporting a variety of human rights initiatives. As with all of Soros charitable and philanthropic work, he isn’t afraid to put strong financial backing towards worthy causes. Some of the most notable gift giving expenditures have included: $2.9 billion dollars to help protect the rights of women and rally against ethnic, racial and LGBTQ discriminatory practices. Another $2.1 billion was spent improving the quality of education and also to strengthen democratic roots in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

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George Soros philanthropic organizations are often overshadowed by the American political climate. But, one only has to look closely to see how he isn’t just a man of ideas; he puts his financial support wholeheartedly towards causes that have global importance. In the introduction to his Open Society Foundations biography, we are provided with more personalized details about his philanthropic organization. Read more on

Having given a measurable sum of $12 billion to numerous foundations over the years; George Soros is making a firsthand social impact. His interest in global human rights, was etched into his soul by the atrocities he witnessed growing up in Hungary. Soros talks about his family’s fight for survival, it was a profound struggle against Communism. The gift giving he has done and continues to do was born out of determination to help those people who are still struggling.

After the Communist takeover of Hungary, a young Soros departed his homeland. He moved to London and began his educational pursuits; later starting a financial trading career. A career that helped amass a substantial fortune. He immediately founded, the Soros Fund Management. This American hedge fund would lead to George Soros being regarded as one of the most successful investor in current times.

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